Schmidt Dance Company goes Residenzmuseum!


The modern dance formations VITESSE (1st Bundesliga) and DREAMTEAM (Oberliga Nord/Ost) of the Schmidt Dance Company (VfL Westercelle) recorded their season trailer at Celle Palace in February. Wonderful new perspectives were created in the process!

Trainer and choreographer Andreas Schmidt has interpreted the Residenzmuseum and the Theatre in dance for this year's trailer of his jazz/modern/contemporary groups. In this way, the combination with modern dance also opens up completely new views of the historical spaces. Schmidt skilfully links the visual axes of the baroque state rooms with his choreography and incorporates movement motifs from the paintings on display. The Schmidt Dance Company thus presents a very unique and exciting way of dealing with Celle Palace.


We are very happy about this wonderful collaboration and the impressive result!


Vitesse and Dreamteam have already been competing successfully since the start of the season in March and will still be competing in several competitions in the Bundesliga and Oberliga later in the season.